and owns 51 percent o

e to shrinking in de

▓f the shares. It's working closely with the firm.Jia Ke▓ said "I think the court receivership is a step t


o save the firm. What measures should SAIC take? I think a capital injection, only, has little meaning. Fundamental ▓reform is needed to save the firm out of trouble."SAIC injected 45 million US dollars last week into Ssangyong Motors to pay employees. It's keeping in close touch with the management, labor a▓nd local government, seeking ways to save the company. Related stories:对不起,

可▓能是网络原因或无此页面,请稍后尝试。本页面3秒之后将带您回到央视网首页。How Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to

AlphaGoHow Go Grandm

mand for v▓eh Dolor Sit

aster Ke Jie lost to AlphaGoHow Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to AlphaGo05-22-2018 09:46 BJT20-year-old C▓hi


nese GO Grandmaster Ke jie shared with Xinhua at Youth Talks the story behind his loss to Googl▓e's AlphaGo on May 27, 2017."Having lost the first two games to AlphaGo, I could not sleep all night. I have been racking my brain to find a way to beat it, at l▓east to win one round. Does it have any flaw?" said Ke."I exerted myself to the most in the third round for a win. I remember that I used to be leading at fuseki in the second round, which gave me vague hope of victory. I bet everything in that round. However, I made a deadly mistake at fuseki.""After the fuseki, I tried to find an opportunity to reverse the tide but AlphaGo was too perfect to let

me. I felt desperate when it made a key move, a move after which I know there's no way for me to win.""

At that moment, I could feel myself t▓rembling, like it was so cold. I could not stay

ry retir


calm and rushed out of the room to a corner where nobody could see me, starting to sob. I know I am going to lose to AlphaGo by 0-3. It's just too desperate for me.""My sobbing drew attention from the referee who is both my friend and a professional Go player. She gave me ▓a tissue and tried to comfort me by asking '

f China's

Ke, what happened?'""I was too sad to even make a complete sentence

but murmured while trembling: 'I c▓an't o it. I can't do it.

I can't win. I really ca▓n't.'""Then Fa

n Hui from AlphaGo's team came

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